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Spread awareness to the most peaceful way of fighting back against the central banks, WEF & corrupt politicians around the world.

  • Fiat Money

    Is a governemnt-issued currency that is not backed by anything except the faith of the government. Fiat gives central banks greater control over the economy becasuse they can control how much money is printed, potentitally inflating away your wealth when the government can't control their spending.

  • Bitcoin

    A decentralized digital currency, with a fixed supply, that can be transferred on a peer-to-peer network. Bitcoin can never be inflated away, and some argue the best form of money ever created. It's growing network makes it extremely secure, and is increasingly environmentally friendly!

  • Banks are Zeros!

    The last currency in the world backed by a real asset was the USD on the Gold Standard, which ended in 1971. While that was better than our current fiat standard, individuals would still need to secure their wealth. On a Bitcoin Standard, we become our own banks, and don't need any intermediaries.